1. Why should I hire a private guide?

Hiring a private guide will enable you to:
  • Take an active part in planning your trip so that most of your wishes can be fulfilled.

  • Have a lot of flexibility throughout your tour allowing you to set the pace that is good for you.

  • Be part of a smaller group thereby giving you a better chance of seeing a lot more in the time you have available.

  • Plan a personal, family oriented or otherwise tailored trip.

2. Is it safe to travel in Israel?
  • Israel (surprisingly) is one of the safest places in the world.

  • Street crime is very low and you can walk the streets in most big cities at night with no problem.

  • As for the security aspect, it is my job to take you only to the places that are absolutely safe for you.

3. How are the health services in Israel?

  • Israel is a very developed country in terms of health services.

  • It has hospitals with medical staffs of an international reputation.

  • It has good pharmacies and doctors that can come to your hotel in an emergency.

  • It is important to come with medications you regularly take, as well as any prescriptions you may need for the medicines you carry.

  • It is also important to travel with medical travel insurance in the event that you have to seek medical aid.

4. What is the weather like? How should I dress?

  • In the months of May to October, you can expect fairly mild, or in the summer months, hot weather. It rarely rains during these months. Therefore, lightweight clothing is advisable. Good walking shoes are a must. Sunscreen is also important because the Mediterranean sun is very strong during these months.

  • In the months of November to April, the weather can be cooler and depending on where in the country you are traveling it can get quite cold. Therefore, a lightweight or winter jacket and sweaters for layering may be advisable. At this time, good walking shoes are also a must.

  • Modest dress is required in the holy sites.

5. Are credit cards accepted? Should I change money in my
country of origin?

  • All major credit cards are accepted and widely used in Israel.

  • There is no need to change currencies in your country of origin.

  • There are many places to change money and ATM machines are easily accessible in all the big cities.

6. If I have only a few days in Israel , how should I plan ?

    For people interested in the Jewish sites, I would recommend:

  • Jerusalem - Jewish holy sites

  • Massada and the Dead Sea

  • Safed, The Galilee, the Golan Heights

  • For people interested in the Christian sites, I would recommend:

  • Jerusalem - the Christian holy sites

  • Nazareth and The Sea of Galilee

  • Massada and the Dead Sea