All my tours are custom-made to suit your specific needs and wishes.
After you contact me I will phone you to get a sense of what your preferences may be. (If a phone call is not convenient we can handle the details by E-mail). Then I will build an itinerary that is just right for you. During our tour, we will be able to make changes and adjustments as needed.
For specifics, please see Tours and Routes.

All my tours are conducted in a spacious minivan. Arrangements may be made for a larger vehicle when needed. I can either pick you up at the airport or provide pick-up and drop-off service to and from the airport.

Family Services
As a parent, I know just how wonderful (or trying!) traveling with kids can be. I will discuss this with you when we plan your trip together. I will make sure to take into consideration the specific ages and interests of your different family members.

I can suggest a range of accommodations in different places (offering different services and prices) and book all your accommodations for you.

Corporate Services
Whether your company is based in Israel or abroad, whether you are entertaining business associates or are about to close a deal, I can help you with the following:

Special day tours: If you are too busy to take whole days off to see the country, we can think of creative ways to tour between meetings.

Arrangements for delegations: I can take delegations that arrive here for business on tours that would interest them.

Restaurants and seeing the city in the evenings: I can even take your guests out and show them the town with you or instead of you!